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🟠 About RemoteBase: The Nomad Accommodation Newsletter 🏡 📥

😱 Get up to 80% off month-long nomad-friendly accommodation bookings.

🟠 RemoteBase: Helping You Start or Continue Your Digital Nomad Journey 🧑‍💻

Back in 2017 I’d just started working remotely, and by 2018 I was traveling the world!

This experience changed my entire life & the way I view the world.

I wanted others to have access to this same mind-expanding experience. And it turns out other people wanted it, too!

But they were stuck 🙃 They were stuck thinking this life is too complicated, too expensive, or too difficult to access.

So in 2019 I launched the RemoteBase Newsletter 📥

RemoteBase is THE Trusted Independent Voice of Authority on ALL Things Nomad Accommodation 🟠

Whilst living & working around the world for almost 6 years, I’ve been closely watching the global nomad accommodation landscape.

Ever feel like you spent way too much time researching accommodation, or over payed unnecessarily?

Yeah. Me, too. 🙋

See, there’s LOTS of accommodation providers catering to people living digital nomad life - especially in a post-pandemic, remote-work-booming, world!

But whether we’re talking about marketplace platforms, property management companies, boutique hotels, conscious colivings, or independent hosts…

They’re all pushing their own product.

🤔 💭 Completely understandable. “Businesses have to promote themselves” you might even say.

But this perpetuates a problem for new & existing nomads. 🔄

Finding accommodation you can trust… Good accommodation, at a good price, can be too complicated, too expensive, or too difficult to access.

There’s many sub-genres of digital nomadism.

Entrepreneurs, agency owners, freelancers, 9-5ers… writers, marketers, developers… singles, couples, families… the list goes on…

And the needs of a single freelance writer might be different to that of an entrepreneurial nomadic family, but we all need one thing.


And when you can go anywhere, “where will you go?” is a big question.

Once you decide on a place, you need to find somewhere to stay, and book it!

Early in my journey, I started traveling slowly, spending at least a month in each place… And that’s when something magic happened.

Prices tumbled 📉📉📉

Often, staying for 4 weeks cost less than staying for 2!

When I knew what to look for, I śaw these kind of deals EVERYWHERE. I also knew I needed to share them with the wider nomad community

So that’s exactly what I do with the free RemoteBase Newsletter 📥

Sent 2x / month, to thousands of nomads, it’s where you’ll find a selection of curated properties perfect for nomad life.

The Free Newsletter shares listings of different sizes, for different budgets, in different locations all around the world!

And if you have specific preferences, there’s the RemoteBase Premium Membership.

Premium Members set budget, size & location preferences, and get ongoing alerts about matching properties.

They also get access the RemoteBase Deal Directory - a filterable list of every single deal ever shared through the free newsletter or premium alerts.

Since launching RemoteBase in 2019, I’ve been able to connect with people, and access companies & operators, which would be otherwise inaccessible

Talking at Nomad City Festival 2023 | Topic: The Future of Nomad Accommodation

With these connections & access -along with learnings from my personal experiences- help me deliver on the RemoteBase mission even further…

Help you start or continue your nomad journey as the independent voice of authority on all things digital nomad accommodation.

Want to join thousands of digital nomads & traveling remote workers saving on month-long accommodation bookings?

Get the Free Newsletter 📥 here, and explore RemoteBase Premium 🟠 here.

See you in your inbox very soon,

P.S. Come behind the scenes on all the nomad accommodation fun across LinkedIn 💼 & Instagram 📸