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We got started with the Free RemoteBase Newsletter to help fellow digital nomads & traveling remote workers save time & money on their accommodation search…

And ultimately help people start or continue on their nomad journey 🤗 

But for 3 years, we kept getting asked for MORE…

I got questions like…

  • ‘Have you got any deals in ________’?

  • ‘I’m going to be in ________ for September and November. Any good deals?’

  • ‘I’m going to ________ but don’t want to spend more than _____. Got deals for this budget?’

So back in 2022. We launched RemoteBase Premium 🏆️ 

What’s RemoteBase Premium?

RemoteBase Premium is a single answer to all those ☝️ questions.

It’s the subscription that saves you thousands.

Instead of getting the free newsletter twice a month, Premium Members get email alerts on long-stay listings across Europe, Asia, and LATAM - as and when they’re found.

RemoteBase Premium 🏆️ 

Level up your digital nomad accommodation searches with Premium benefits like…

  • Access to deals before basic members (more chance to book!)

  • 5x MORE deals than basic members

  • Family size listings - 2-3 bed+

  • Alerts on deals as they’re found

  • Rare 'Glitch Pricing' alerts

And get the very best deals across Europe, Asia, and LATAM 🌍️ 

  • Last minute steals

  • Early bird discounts

  • Luxury listings

  • Exclusive partner rates

🚨 And there’s more…

Premium Members can access our RemoteBase Deal Directory
A filterable list of every deal we’ve ever sourced! 🤯 

Get Crazy Savings On Your Digital Nomad Accommodation 🧑‍💻🏡 

In 2023, we shared over $1m in savings wit with RemoteBase Premium Members.

With listings in 81 countries!

🚀 🚀 🚀 

Get The Best Nomad Accommodation Deals

For example…

  • European Cities with 2+ Bedrooms for under $1,000/month

  • Beach stays in South East Asia with 1 bedroom for under $600/month

  • Island Life with 3+ bedrooms for $1,500/month

💡 Top Tip: When you join Premium, we ask about your preferences on location, budget, and size. 😊 

Access To The RemoteBase Deal Directory

In case the email alert service isn’t enough…

RemoteBase Premium members have access to a filterable directory of every single deal we’ve ever shared.

That’s everything there is to know about RemoteBase Premium 🏆️ 

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