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🟠 RemoteBase Newsletter FAQ 💬

Find Answers To Your Questions About The Nomad Accommodation Newsletter 📥️

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What happens right after I join?

First, we send you a 'confirmation email' - so we know you're not a bot!

Then you get an email welcoming you to Team RemoteBase! You'll see more about what to expect from us there, and you can take our survey for a chance to win an Annual RemoteBase Premium Membership.

I love hearing from subscribers, so hit reply and let me know where you're reading from.

That's it! You sit back, we do our thing, and the savings land in your inbox!

🤔 How do you find all these deals?

Our process is part automated, part manual. Part experience, part magic!

We know what to look for in monthly bookings, because it's how we live, too!

That's why countless nomads already trust us to deliver liveable options, at affordable prices!

🤷 Why not just find my own deals?

We know it's hard to keep tabs on the latest accommodation platforms, which locations are 'hot', and the changing price landscape.

Our mission is to take some of that pain away, and at the same time, inject some location-inspiration to your day.

Of course, you can spend your own time & energy searching out a good deal, assessing the amenities, comparing all the options...

But with all our years of deal-hunting, our highly trained nose, and ever evolving processes... Why would you?

How do you know what accommodation is right for me?

We don’t!

We know what good accommodation at a good price looks like. Only YOU know if it's right for you.

It's a very personal choice, so it’s likely what’s right for you is someone else’s nightmare.

That's why we focus on bringing you curated options - so you can simply pick, book & enjoy!

📍 Do you have any deals in … ?

Maybe... Maybe not!

RemoteBase is a curation service. Think of us as your friend who always 'knows a guy for that'.

Because we don't own or manage any properties, we have ZERO control over property inventory.

We simply curate the best deals that are available at the time we send the newsletter (and what's available can change pretty quickly).

Premium Members get access to our Deal Directory.
This is a living list of every deal we ever find & share. And it's filterable.

Want to see 2 bedroom listings in Malaysia? Or Studios in Lisbon? Premium Members can filter for that!

Pricing & availability aren't guaranteed, but the Deal Directory gives you a head start on finding 'the' place.

🏆️ What’s RemoteBase Premium?

RemoteBase Premium is our paid email alert service.

You set preferences on budget, location and size - and we alert you to any matching listings as we find them.

You get ~5x more deals than free members, with roughly $100,000 in savings shared every month!

Plus, you get access to the Deal Directory - a filterable list of every deal we've ever shared!

📩 Are you going to spam me?

omg no 🚫 

🏡 What’s the RemoteBase Deal Directory?

The RemoteBase Deal Directory is a filterable list of every deal we’ve ever found & shared - either on the free newsletter, or via the premium alert service (over 2,200 deals so far…)

It’s hosted on Airtable, so you can filter it any way you like.

Plus, we update the list with every new deal that’s found, making it a constantly evolving resource for the best nomad accommodation deals around.

The Deal Directory is only available to RemoteBase Premium members.
Find out more about Premium, and upgrade here.

⚙️ How do I set my preferences for RemoteBase Premium?

When you upgrade to RemoteBase Premium, you’ll get an email with a link to a survey form solely for setting your preferences.

You can go back to that survey at any time and use the same link to update your preferences! 😁 

🔩 How does the newsletter work exactly?

On the 2nd & 18th of every month, we send you an email with a list of curated long-stay accommodation offers.

The deals we share are always 3 months into the future.
So in March, you get deals for June, and in April you get deals for July, and so on… Plenty of time to book.

You’ll see the price, the discount, the location, and an image for the accommodation - For Airbnb listings you’ll also see the star rating and we highlight if the host is a Superhost or it’s PLUS listing.

We also send real-time deal alerts to our Premium Members.
If you want to set preferences like continents, budgets, size, and get access to the RemoteBase Deal Directory, upgrade here 👉️ 

💰️ So, do you make commission on bookings? How does the business work?

Nope, we don't make commission on Airbnb bookings ❌ 
This helps us stay laser focused on finding & sharing only the best with you ✅

📥️ The Free Newsletter is made possible through brand or property sponsorships,

🏆️ And the Premium Alerts are made possible through the RemoteBase Premium membership subscriptions.

👀 I have another question

Email [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

I reply to every single email.