Why I Live In Airbnbs

The shocking benefits of being (technically) homeless

Am I crazy?

Good question. Only a little. But people think it’s totally bonkers not to have a ‘real’ home, and live out of Airbnbs…

Where do you put all of your, like, stuff?

I made the decision to move to 100% remote work in 2017, and by the end of 2018, I’d worked across 4 continents and logged on from 9 different timezones.

Despite gaining popularity — and media attention — in the post-pandemic world, it’s still an unconventional way to live. But it changed my life, and has the potential to change yours.

Here’s Why I Love Living In Airbnbs

My heart beats for travel

There’s no feeling quite like arriving in a place for the first time. Living in Airbnbs helps me experience that feeling on repeat, whenever I like. If you’ve got the travel bug, you’ll know what I’m talking about…

Rich experiences

… And when I do arrive somewhere new, I can fully immerse myself. Rich experiences don’t have to be something stereotypical, magical, or romantic. Just meaningful.

Living in Airbnbs let’s you stay in a place long enough to get to know local people. Learn some of the language. Maybe they correct your pronunciation. Maybe you commit some social faux-pas… Rich. Experience.

What vacation allowance?

I can’t remember the last time I worried about when and how to split my vacation allowance. Well, actually I can, it was when I was renting long term.

The reality is this: when you’re living in Airbnbs from wherever you like, the simple action of logging off is enough to trigger vacation mode.

Of course, there’s always those nights where you need to do laundry, or call the bank. But if the schedule is clear? That’s vacation time.

It’s lighter on the pocket

Unless you want to split your time across cities where accommodation is more expensive — think New York, London, Tokyo — you’re probably going to have some money left at the end of your month.

Why base yourself in a cosmopolitan hub if nothing is tying you there?
You can experience it all the same with a base on the outskirts, and a few journeys in/out during your off days, or even for an evening.

I only ever have to worry about 1 payment, too. No setting up accounts with utility providers, or managing payments to different providers at different times. I also never have to deal with the admin of switching providers — which means I also rarely have to listen to terrible hold music. 1 payment. Done.

No ‘stuff’

People sometimes ask me what I did with all my ‘stuff’.

What stuff? I ask back.

Most ‘stuff’, I simply don’t need to own. I choose Airbnbs which have all the things I need, and generally speaking, hosts are happy to organise anything extra.

So, no. I do not need that gorgeous purple vase, that fancy corkscrew bottle opener, or 30+ t-shirts.

What did I do with my stuff? The truth is, most of it was donated, or sold, with just a few meaningful or valuable items being left with friends or family for safekeeping.

I never miss anything I got rid of.

Variety really is the spice of life.

These benefits have so much more depth, and naturally, there’s downside’s too. But I’ll save those for an article by themselves.

This is just a little window into how I live.

Do you think living in Airbnbs could be for you?

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