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Long-Stay Guests Are Better.

Here's why...
Graphic: Person Remote Working from Laptop on Comfortable Lounge Chair
  • Higher Quality. Lower Risk.
    You can avoid those party going short stay guests. See, Long-stay guests are living in the listing. Which means they treat it like their home.
  • Less Time. More Margin.
    Maximized occupancy (and revenue!) means you spend less time & money turning over the property between weekend guests.
    Lock in revenue & keep margin high.
  • Loyalty - like a puppy!
    Do a good job, and your long-stay guests are likely to return! So you can keep stacking the benefits over and over again.
Graphic: Person Remote Working from Laptop on Comfortable Lounge Chair

So, how do you attract long-stay guests?

With over 7 million listings on Airbnb alone, that's a great question. Here's how we can help...
  • Advertise Your Long Stay Listing with RemoteBase
    Book a Property Feature on our newsletter & get your property in front of more than 3.6k long-staying guests!

    We'll include 4 high quality images, a tantalising description, and a call to action for people to book!
  • Optimize Your Listing with a Custom Report
    Well audit your listing, and give you a custom, fixed-fee report.

    We'll give you actionable tips on how to optimize for more long-stay guests, based on your listing(s) and the location (aka your surrounding competition).
  • Bespoke Long-Stay Accommodation Consulting
    Got something cooking?

    Whether it's a renovation project, or an expanding rental portfolio, we're here to help. Just get in touch.
  • For Individual Hosts & Property Managers
    Whether you've got 1 listing, or 1,000 listings...
    We help you optimise with dedicated resource & leading expertise!

Get Expert Help. Today.

Listing Optimisation Report
  • Flat Fee
  • Full Listing Audit
  • Custom Report
  • Actionable Tips
  • For multi-listing reports, get it touch
Bespoke Consulting
  • Support on your project from experts in long-stay guests, digital nomads & traveling remote-workers.
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✨ What Previous Sponsors Say...
  • Surfshark VPN
    "Love your work ethics... How you've executed everything & how you presented results - flawless."

    Silvestras - Account Manager
    Headline Sponsorship (Package) Customer
  • La Maison de Beaumont
    "It's been a pleasure to work with the RemoteBase team.
    They've shown a high level of responsiveness & commitment to promoting La Maison de Beaumont & I'm grateful for their professionalism. Looking forward to a continued partnership!"

    Navid - Owner
    Property Feature Customer

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We've got Open & Click rates worth shouting about...
  • Over 3.6k
    RemoteBase Subscribers
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    Typical Open Rate
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