RemoteBase Newsletter FAQs

BEFORE they sign up...

People always ask...
Why not just find my own deals?
We know it's hard to keep tabs on the latest accommodation platforms, which locations are 'hot', and the changing price landscape. Our mission is to take some of that pain away, and at the same time, inject some location-inspiration to your day.

Of course, you could spend your own time and energy searching out a good deal, assessing the amenities, and comparing all the options.

But… With all our years of deal-hunting, our highly trained nose, and ever evolving processes... Why would you?
How do you find all these deals?!
Our process is part automated, part manual. It’s part experience, part magic!

We know what to look for in mid-term accommodation (1-3 month stays), because it’s how we live, too!

So you can count on us to bring you liveable options, at affordable prices.
What happens right after I join?
When you join Team RemoteBase, we email you right away, and welcome you to the family of Deal-Lovers!

There's a quick rundown of what to expect, and you can choose a currency to receive deals in. Right now, options are USD, EUR, and GBP.

That's it! All you have to do is sit tight and wait for the savings to land in your inbox! 

Do you only find Airbnb Deals?
Nope! Most of the sizzling hot deals in the free newsletter are Airbnb listings, with huge offers available when you stay for 28 nights or more.

But the best deals aren’t always on Airbnb... We’ll share all the best deals, no matter where they are, whether that's with private accommodation providers, boutique co-living locations, or something in between!

How does the newsletter work exactly?
This one’s easy. Every newsletter we send you, is a summary of the best deals we’ve found. It comes twice a month on the 2nd and 18th.

We focus on deals available 3 months into the future. So in March, you get deals for June, and in April you get deals for July, and so on… Plenty of time to book.  

You’ll see the price, the discount, the location, and a headline image for the accommodation. For Airbnb listings you’ll also see the star rating and we highlight if the host is a super host or if it’s an Airbnb PLUS listing.  

You can check out a past example of the monthly email sent to RemoteBase Members, to see what we mean.  

We also send real-time deal alerts to our Premium Members. If you want to set preferences like continents, budgets, bedrooms, and more, check out Premium and never miss a single deal.
So, do you make a commission on bookings? How does the business work?
Nope, we don't make commission on Airbnb bookings. This helps us stay laser focused on finding and sharing only the best with you.

For other platforms or providers, we may earn a sponsorship fee, or a small commission on a booking. If this sounds vague, it is. The truth is we make these agreements on a case by case basis, and we're protective of what we share with you. We don't want to burn your trust (or your wallet), so if we don't think it's a deal in some way, we won't promote it to you.

Most importantly, there's never any additional cost to you, in fact quite the opposite! Having such an engaged member-base is just one way we can negotiate exclusive rates!

The Free Newsletter is monetized with brand or property sponsorships, and of course there's our premium membership!
How do you know what Accommodation is right for me?
We don’t! We know what good accommodation at a good price looks like. Whether it’s right for you, is up to you!

The environment you chose to be in is a very personal choice, so it’s likely what’s right for you is someone else’s nightmare.

Our focus is bringing you all the best options - all you have to do is pick, book and enjoy!
What kind of deals will you send me?
All kinds of deals! On Airbnb, hosts can set discounts for monthly stays, long stays, and early bookings.

With other providers, the deal-details vary - sometimes based on what we can negotiate SPECIFICALLY for RemoteBase Members.

Whatever the deal, you can know one thing for sure. If it’s good, you’re going to hear about it!

The Free Newsletter has a spread from studios to 2-3 bedrooms, from urban-to-rural, from functional-to-luxurious, all with price points to match.

AFTER they sign up...

People always ask...
Do you have any deals in...?
It's important to explain what RemoteBase isn't. We're not a travel agent or a booking platform, and we don't manage any properties of our own. All this means we don't have any control over what's available, or the prices.

These are difficult things to control, and it's exactly why we focus on curating the best deals when they ARE available.

We take curating the best deals pretty seriously, so when we're not searching for the hottest deals, we're actively listening and watching what's happening in the nomad accommodation space, which helps us continue bringing you the best...
What if someone books a deal before me?
With all the great deals we share in the free newsletter, it’s certainly possible someone books before you.

But remember, not everyone will want that deal with the specific dates we send!

Our top tip: If someone books the dates we share, check alternative dates! Most hosts will offer the same discounts on alternative dates!

Why is Airbnb showing me a different currency?
When we link to an Airbnb listing, depending on factors like where we are, where you are, and where the listing is, the currency settings might not be what you usually see. If this happens, it’s quick to change!

If you’re on mobile or in the Airbnb app, you can change currency on the reservation page.

If you’re on desktop, you can click on the globe icon (top right) and then ‘currency’ before selecting your preferred currency.
Is the discount percentage wrong?
In some cases, the discounted rates might look wrong at first glance. Here's an example...
We share a listing with these details:
Discount -50%
Regular Price $1000
Discounted Final Price $580.

Wait what!? 50% of $1,000 is $500. Where did that $80 come from?

There's a couple of reasons for this.
1) Airbnb hosts can opt to pass some of the service fee onto the guest, or pay it in full themselves (most of the hosts who pay it in full themselves bake it into their nightly price as a result)
2) Depending on the location of the listing and the relevant taxes that apply in that region, state or country. These fees are out of the host's (and the platform's!) control.

We'll always show you the discount calculated on the nightly price (before fees and taxes are applied) as these can change based on the duration of your stay.
RemoteBase Premium FAQs

Premium members ask...

What exactly is RemoteBase Premium?
Premium is just like our Free Newsletter, but better.

You get way more deals, about 4-5x the number of deals in fact!
You don't have to wait to find out about deals. When we find them, we share a deal alert with you!
You can set your budget and location preferences, and we'll only send you deals that match!
You also get first access to deals, and exclusive rates we negotiate exclusively on our members behalf.

If you use flight hacking services like Scotts Cheap Flights, or Jacks Flight Club, you can think of RemoteBase Premium in the same way, but for accommodation!
Can I try out a Premium Membership?
You absolutely can!
RemoteBase Premium Memberships have a 30-day money back guarantee. So you can try RemoteBase Premium for a month and decide if it's right for you.

If you aren't already, join the Free Newsletter, which will give you a taste of the kind of deals Premium Members get access to.
How do I set my preferences?
When you join or upgrade to premium, you'll get an email to officially welcome you. It includes a link to the preferences settings, it's all really quick and easy - like less than 3 minutes easy. Then you just have to wait for the deals to start rolling in!
Can't find the answer to your question here? Email us!

We'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible (usually within 24hrs)!